Welcome to SGC members area - 2016

 Welcome to the Stirling Golf Club Members Web site


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 The site is set up to offer members easy access to:

  • Members Online booking
  • A golf club blog (see what's happened, get up to date with competition and club specific events)
  • Fixtures list (linked to the Eagle App, but also downloadable spreadsheets)  
  • A  general document areas  (Course update, general club rules, SGC hand book (currently being updated), constitution, etc)
  • Notice Board Areas with regular  information or key information which has been shared with the membership
  • Newly updated list of SGC staff and Committee Members
  • Restaurant and Bar Information (generally will  be emailed out, events and opening times will go on both sites) 
  • Included in this area will be an ad hoc document store facility  (for minutes etc)

To utilise the site you should have access to a computer:

  • Loaded with Acrobat, to read the downloadable documents in PDF format
  • It works best with Google Chrome, but will work with IE and other browsers but you might see some variations
  • Remember if you use a Tablet you might loose some parts of the site as it has not been optimised for tablets/ipads (yet)
  • Please note that if you are struggling to find something, do try using the search tool (top right hand side of the menu bar, and looks like a magnifying glass)
  • Open competitions,  now has a direct link as well as remaining on the main site

What is not in this areas

  • Ladies Competition results, these will remain on HowdidIdo, com
  • External Club events – will still go on the diary when communicated to the web master!

If you need any help, please email info@stirlinggolfclub.com  or email committee@stirlinggolfclub.com (ref website) and we will try and get back to you.  In the heading of the email please state: for SGC WebMaster  and one of the team will contact you.

SGC Web Master